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13-year-old Advait Patel wins his 5th Challengers’ chess tournament!

Press Release
By Tommy W. Hay
The Challengers Chess Club
RE: 13-year-old Patel wins his 5th Challengers’ chess tournament

13-year-old National Chess Master, Midwest City resident, and Carl Albert High School 9th grade student, Advait Patel, won the Challengers’ March 12, 2016 Open chess tournament that was held on Saturday at the Kentucky Avenue Baptist Church with a perfect 4.0 points. This is the 5th time Patel has won a Challengers’ tournament. He won his 1st one in July of 2014; 2nd one in Sept. of 2014; 3rd one in Jan. of 2015; and his 4th one in May of 2015.
Jamal El Chamieh won 2nd Place and previous winner Alex Zapata won 3rd Place. Chamieh, Zapata, and Matt Dalthorp all had 3.0 points but the computer generated tie-break system placed Chamieh 2nd and Zapata 3rd.

Hank Vergi from Tulsa won 1st Place in the U1600 section with a perfect score of 4.0 points. New tournament player Kevin McInroe placed 2nd in the U1600 with 3.5 points, and another newcomer, Garrett Foster, an OU student from Richardson, Texas, won 3rd Place in a tie-break determination with fellow OU student Francis Irenge – both had 3.0 points.

Maxwell Xie an 8-year-old from Edmond won 1st Place in the U1200 section. Praneel D’souza won 2nd Place U1200 and Anna Boevers won 3rd Place in U1200 – both had 3.0 points but the computer generated tie-break determined that D’souza would get 2nd.
Up and coming female chess player 12-year-old Jennifer Huang won 1st Place in the U900 section with a perfect 4.0 points. Paden Little won 2nd Place U900 and Mark Clayborn, Jr. won 3rd place U900. Little, Clayborn, and Josie Little (Paden’s sister) all had 3.0 points but the computer determined that Paden was 2nd and Mark was 3rd.

Another rising female chess player, 13-year-old, Catheryne Martin from Ponca City won 1st Place in the U500 section. Sebastian Martinez and his sister Aura Martinez and Zion Wright all had 3.0 points, but the computer determined that Sebastian won 2nd Place and that Aura won 3rd Place.
The next Challengers tournament will be held at the Oklahoma University Student Union on Saturday, June 4, 2016.

The Challengers May 2015 Open

The Challengers May 2015 Open

2001 North Janeway Avenue
Moore, OK 73160
$300.00 Based on 40

7 Sections: OPEN , U2000, U1800, U1600, U1300, U1000(CXR Rated Only) , U500(CXR Rated Only)

Type: 4 Rounds Swiss System, G/45; d5

Note: U1000 & U500 NOT USCF Rated – CXR Rated Only


Prizes: 100.00 Based on 40 players. $100.00 Trophies 1st,2nd,3rd places

Format: 4 Round Swiss System, G/45;d5
Affects both Quick and Regular rating. Round Times: Round Times: 09:30, 12:00, 2:00, 4:00

Byes: One 1/2 point Bye available in Round 1-3

Entry Fees: $20.00   (Cash Only Preferred )
USCF Membership required in top five sections and available to purchase onsite (U1000&U500 sections CXR rated only no USCF membership required.)

Entries To: Checks payable to “Tommy W. Hay,” 4000 SW 28th St., OKC, OK 73108 Telephone: 405-512-4916 Please reference your USCF ID or CXR ID on your check.

On-site Reg: 05/16/2015 8:00am – 9:00am

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