The Challengers 1st Annual ASTEC OPEN – Results

By Tommy W. Hay

The Challengers Chess Club 1st ASTEC Annual OPEN was held on Saturday, March 21st at the ASTEC Charter School in northwest Oklahoma City. ASTEC teacher and chess club coach Steve Reid coordinated with The Challengers chess club to make this a successful event.

There were 4 Sections played, Section 1- OPEN, Section 2 – U-1500, Section 3-U-1000 and Section 4-U500.

The winner of the upper level OPEN section was Shaun Graham-Bowcaster . Bowcaster beat out previous May 2014 Challenger winner Joe Veal. Bowcaster and Veal both had 3.5 points each, but because of the computer generated tie-break point system Bowcaster won 1st Place and Veal came in 2nd Place in the highest level of play OPEN section. Tulsa youngster Yash Kumar won 3rd Place over 4th Place winner Jan Murcek. Both Kumar and Murcek had 3.0 points each but Kumar like Bowcaster won by the tie-break system.

The winners of the U-1500 section were as follows: 1st Place, Krish Kumar; 2nd Place, John “Jake” Williams; 3rd Place, Layton Smith; and 4th Place went to Joshua Freeman.

The winners of the U-1000 section were as follows: 1st Place, Anna Boevers; 2nd Place, Maxwell Barnes; 3rd Place, Noah Reid; and 4th Place went to Casse Pirrong.

The winners of the U-500 section were as follows: 1st Place, William Black; 2nd Place, Mark Clayborne; 3rd Place, Nestor Bravo; and 4th Place, Alex Lindgens.

The Challengers next tournament is scheduled for Saturday, May 16, 2015, at the Regency Park Baptist Church in Moore. Contact Tommy Hay at 405-512-4916 or email him at for more info.

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