The Challengers May Open 2015 – Results

By Tommy W Hay
The Challengers Chess Club
RE: The Challengers May chess tourney OPEN results.

Chess prodigy Advait Patel wins again!

The Challengers Chess Club held a chess tournament this past weekend, Sat., May 16, at the Regency Park Baptist Church located in Moore, OK. The tournament was 4-Rounds, with a G45|d5 time increment, and a very large total of 7-sections; Open, U2000, U1800, U1600, U1300, U1000 and U500. A total of 54 players enrolled to play in spite of the possible stormy weather that was forecast. The weather did not play a factor as far as the tournament results were concerned, but did create the need to bypass the usual structured award ceremony at the end of the day.

Once again Oklahoma’s chess prodigy and The Challengers Chess Club member 12-year-old Midwest City student and current Oklahoma State Chess Champion Advait Patel went 4.0 winning all four of his rounds to win the Open Section highest level championship outright. Chuck Johnson had 3.0 points with three wins to win 2nd Place in the Open Section and OU college student John “Alex” Zapata with 2.0 points took 3rd Place honors due to that fact that Shaun Graham-Bowcaster at 2.5 points withdrew early from the tournament. Rules state no one who withdraws is eligible for prizes. Patel has won all four Challengers tournaments that he has entered and played in.

Results in the remaining following six sections were:

The U2000 Section was won by Julien Miller with 2.0 points or two wins followed closely by West Moore student Veronika Zilajeva with 2.0 points and two wins as well. In the case of a tie the winner is determined by a cumulative tie-break system built into the computer program. Herbert Stonehocker IV came in 3rd Place in the U2000 Section with 1.0 points.

The U1800 Section was won by Norman Styers with 3.0 points. 2nd Place went to Edward Dihrberg with 2.5 points, and 3r Place went to Challengers Chess Club newcomer from the Chickasha area Logan Zachare with 1.5 points. Dr. Matt Miller also had 1.5 points but withdrew early from the tournament.

The U1600 Section was won by Easton Nibs with a perfect 4.0 points by winning all four of his rounds. 2nd Place went to Tulsa youngster Krish Kumar with 3.0 points and 3rd Place went to The Challengers Chess Club President and Founder Roger Baxter with 2.5 points.

The U1300 Section was won interestingly enough by all elementary school students – which is really no surprise to those following OKC youth chess. 1st Place went to Loucas J. Miller with 3.0 points. 2nd Place went to Jim Huang with 3.0 points and 3rd Place went to Maxwell Barnes with 3.0 points. Once again the tie-breaks winners are determined by the computer cumulative tie-break system using strength of play as a factor.

The U1000 Section was won by the younger Miller brother, Achilles Miller, with 3.0 points. Jennifer Huang took 2nd Place with 3.0 points and Case Pirrong won 3rd Place with 2.5 points. The tie-break system agained determined the winner between Achilles and Jennifer.

The Challengers would like to give a special thanks to Regency Park Baptist Church for providing an excellent venue and good food and a thanks to the Lord for protecting all the chess players from the incoming storm.

The next Challengers tournament is tentatively scheduled for July, 2015,

Contact: TW Hay, The Challengers Chess Club –OKC for more info at or 405-512-4916.

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