The Challengers September Open – 2014

The Challengers Chess Club’s September 2014 OPEN


The Challengers Chess Club

Press Release by Tommy Hay

RE: 12-year-old Advait Patel is a back to back winner of The Challengers OPEN.

Chess prodigy twelve-year-old student Advait Patel wins back to back Challenger Opens. Patel won The Challenger July 2014 OKC OPEN , and he won again this past Saturday at The Challenger September 2014 OKC OPEN. In a closely contested match in the final round Patel beat Joe Dean Veal, the winner of The Challenger May 2014 OKC OPEN. Veal had only seconds left on his clock which caused Veal to move too hastily and eventually played a big factor in losing to Patel. Patel was the only player to win all four rounds of the tournament with a total of 4.0 points.

Alex Zapata, winner of the first Challengers’ chess tournament, The Challengers Spring 2014 OKC OPEN that was held back on March 22, 2014, came in second place with 3.5 points. Joe Dean Veal came in third place with 3.0 points and Chuck Johnson came in fourth place with 3.0 points. The computer tie-break system game Veal the lead over Johnson.

Maxwell “Max” Barnes won the U-1000/Unrated section by winning three out of four matches and getting a draw one on the four matches ending with 3.5 points. Barnes is a part of the Wise Wolves chess club of Wilson Elementary School and he is being trained by championship player Joe Dean Veal.

Loucas Miller and Kaylee Gandhi came in second and third respectively with 3.5 points in the U-1000/Unrated section and Bridge Creek teacher and softball coach Kenneth “Ray” Chidester came in fourth place in the U-1000/Unrated section with 3.5 points too. Even though all 3 players had 3.5 points the computer computes the tie-breaks according to strength of play and wins. Miller is the son of Cleveland Elementary School’s chess coach Dr. Matthew S. Miller. Gandhi is a member of the Ida Freeman Elementary school’s national championship chess team.

The tournament, which was held at Kamp’s 1910 Café, was deemed an overwhelming success with barely enough room to accommodate all the chess players who showed up. There were 15 pairings in the OPEN section and 14 pairings in the U-1000 section which meant a total of 29 pairings and a total of 58 players overall – the largest quantity of players so far at any Challenger tournament to date. The next Challenger tournament is tentatively planned for early next year and will be announced when a date is determined. You may contact The Challengers Chess Club through Tommy Hay at 405-512-4916 or email him at , or through Challengers’ President, Roger Baxter, at 405-706-6655.


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